Law Enforcement Background Checks and Investigations

Law Enforcement Background Checks and Investigations

Law Enforcement Background Checks and InvestigationsLaw Enforcement Background Checks and InvestigationsLaw Enforcement Background Checks and Investigations

About Us

In-Depth Personal History Inquiries


We deliver comprehensive Background Checks, with reliable and proven results, 

in a timely and expeditious fashion

Confidential & Discreet


Vital sensitivity to Confidentiality, Personnel Matters, and Disclosure Limitations of all Records  

Certified Expert Witnesses


Every member of our team is a state-recognized "Expert-Witness" in all court/testimony proceedings, in addition to being Search Warrant Affidavit authors and affiants

Who We Are and What We Do ....


The Team ...

Our staff is comprised entirely of former sworn California Law Enforcement Officers, whom are all  certified under CA/PC830 status and requirements.

California P.O.S.T. Certified Investigations

We conduct systematic and thorough investigations, recognized and compliant with all (P.OS.T.) Guidelines. We work solely for Municipal, County, and State Law Enforcement Agencies, ensuring that only the finest candidates pass through their hiring processes and attain the prestigious honor of serving our communities. 

Trusted Client of the "South Bay" Police & Fire & Communications

Client lists and References available upon request. 

We proudly serve dozens of reputable and well-respected Agencies. 

What You Can Expect ...

  Lawles Enterprises, Inc. sets the bar in the industry, producing only quality results for our clients and their expectations:

- We obtain/review/verify all relevant and corroborative materials, such as: 

·   Background Declarations and Personal History Packets, 

·   All-encompassing Criminal History Records from Federal, State, and Local jurisdictions

·   Probation/Parole Status and offenses

·   Civil litigation patterns and prior actions/judgments 

·   Credit Reports, Delinquent Payment Status’s, Collections Referrals, Bankruptcies 

- We personally conduct face-to-face interviews of applicants, witnesses, and references, to ensure candidness, first-hand testimony, and verifiable identity.

- Each of our investigators has decades of experience in measuring a candidates statements, behavior, and level of honesty.

- Our staff approaches each investigation with an open mind and pure intentions. Every candidate gets a fair, unbiased, and objective review.

- We finalize all inquiries with detailed findings, corroborative evidence, and conclusive recommendations, allowing each respective Client Agency to have confidence in the work-product provided to them.


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Lawles Enterprises, Inc.

149 Eucalyptus Drive, El Segundo, California, 90245, United States

Office: 310.322.8200 Cell: 310.678.3883 Fax: 310.322.8225


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Edward Eccles

Owner & Founder, Lawles Enterprises, Inc.


23- Year Law Enforcement Veteran 

Inglwood PD (Sgt./Ret.)

Expertise in Countless L.E. Field Divisions


SWAT Team Leader & Point/Entry

Patrol Tactics/Training Officer

Undercover/Surveillance Instructor

Gang Suppression/Crime Impact Teams

Medal of Valor Recipient

Experienced Investigator


Detective Bureau Sergeant

Internal Affairs Supervisor

Investigations Task Force Team Leader

Personnel & Training Supervisor

State-Recognized Search & Seizure  Expert